Art does not have to be found in galerries

What is Art for You?

It can be frustrating to visit some museums or galleries and not being sure whether you actually understand those art pieces that are being there.

Would you consider these paintings art?Do you understand art?

Modern art sometimes can be so simple, you cannot tell it’s an actual art. Some people are making fun of by turning casual object to ‘masterpieces’ and fooling other visitors like that one guy did with his glasses.

Moreover, art can be so complicated, you’d need to stand there in that museum for half a day to scratch the surface of its meaning if you don’t have appropriate art education or background.

You can always just smile, admire them (or not), take a picture and leave. But what’s the point in that?

Art can be anything

On the other hand, sometimes normal artefacts can look so fancy you’d put them in a museum. Or on your walls. I mean, the new Moto X4 is pure art, isn’t it? With all its functions, properties and hot design. You can get more info but can tell right away it is more art than that guy’s glasses in the museum…

Same goes for all art forms. Whether it is paintings in gallery, music in orchestra or concert, or even books you just took from the library the other day. You don’t need a degree to tell me what you like. Shouldn’t art be simple as that? Something you like, you admire, something giving you warm feelings when you look at it/listen to it/read it/etc.

You choose your art

Different people have different preferences and different taste. Some would put a photography of landscape framed in gold on their wall. I love technology so maybe I would put my newest smartphone and call it art. It is almost as expensive as not-even-famous paintings either way.

Don’t let yourself to be told what is art and what is not. Art should give an aesthetic satisfaction to you and no one else. If a painting you see in gallery does that, great, you are lucky and that ticket you bought for the entrance didn’t go to waste. If all you get from the paintings is ‘Meh’, might want to try different gallery or try to fulfil your need for aesthetics with different things: graffiti, tattoo designs, music of particular genre, technology, nature, even food (hence, the food porn) or science… you choose.