Video Games Are Art

Evidence That Video Games Are Also Art

Video games began to enjoy an unprecedented reputation. Already more than 4 billion people around the world at least once, but played some unpretentious game. But no one thought why games are not art? After all, creating games is not such a simple job. Sometimes it’s a thousand times harder to create a game than to write a book. Today we’ll figure it out.

Video Games as Fine Arts

Many were in art galleries. Everyone has seen many famous works of art on the cover of the book, whether it’s Mona Lisa or the Poppy Field near Vetoya by Claude Monet (a really beautiful sight). We admired the beauty of these paintings.

You can also say about games. Dozens of artists in companies are working to make their world truly picturesque. For example, a really beautiful game BioShock Infinite. Landscapes are very fascinating. The game wanted to go many times to return to Flying Colombia, to be saturated with these landscapes.

Also, the examples include the game Ori and The Blind Forest. The visual style is executed at height. Such landscapes you will not see in real life. No item is duplicated. The artists did the greatest work. Such would be envied by any modern artist.

Video Games as Architecture

Coming to rest in some country, we always visit historical monuments created by the great masters of architecture. All this, of course, is beautiful.

In the creation of urban locations in modern video games, in fact, the same architects participate, but instead of a ruler and a pencil they have a mouse, a graphic tablet and other tools. In Assassin’s Creed: Unity Paris turned out really beautiful, the whole terrain was transferred in the best tones of architecture.

Video Games as Cinema

MarioWe all love to watch movies. We worry about the heroes, we can love or hate the villain or the hero, we watch the series, not missing a single series. Games are essentially the same movie or series. Take, for example, The Walking Dead: The Game or Terminator slot machine (you can find more info about similar games at this link). The game that made me cry at some points, get nervous, get scared. The same feelings we experience when watching your favorite movie or series.

Let’s remember the nineties. The time when the games had a minimal emphasis on the plot. For example: Good old Mario. At the very beginning of the game, the Princess is kidnapped and everything, the rest of the time we just run, jump, collect coins and only in the end we finish the game, killing the boss. The plot was on a minimum. Now in large companies script writers work a lot more. It depends on them what the plot will be in the game. That’s why games can be perceived as a movie.

Video Games as Literature

The WitcherEveryone read books and in the course of reading represented what was happening in the plot in his imagination. Some games – this is the same book, only the imagination does not need to strain, for you it’s done by the developers.

Stalker, Metro 2033, The Witcher were developed on the same name books. The developers managed to convey the atmosphere in which we are immersed while reading books.

Perhaps, now many will change their view of video games. Many people think that games are something bad, they try to ban it, but, you know, you are trying to ban art.

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