Art does not have to be found in galerries

What is Art for You?

It can be frustrating to visit some museums or galleries and not being sure whether you actually understand those art pieces that are being there. Do you understand art? Modern art sometimes can be so...

Patterns are everywhere
Art Education

Art in the most Unusual Places

You know that feeling when you buy something, doesn’t matter a sweater or a car, you will start noticing the same model whereas before it used to appear that the particular model is the only copy in t...

think ink fidget pen
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Fidget Pens – why we want them?

The Importance of Fidget Pen If you prefer to stick to music you’ll be able to try out the genre of classical. Usually it involves an excessive amount of writing and maybe even copying. Whether ...


The Unusual Secret of Famous Painters

The Ugly Secret of Famous Painters Baroque painters selected to capture a great deal of movement within their art. Pointillist painters can create the illusion which they’re using a lot more col...


The Best Way to Run an Art Gallery

To be surrounded by original artwork, probably the best type of creative expression human beings can gather, and also to sell it as a support… that is real sweet. So OK. Collectors recognize wel...

Art Education

Going to Art School: The Ugly Truth

It complements our Artwork Professions resources and objectives that will help you determine whether a high school Visual Art or Design class is best for you personally. You might be in a position to ...