The unknown stressful side of art

Many artists would agree that painting or creating any other type of art can become stressful. Artists tend to be perfectionists, and they are not happy if their work does not meet their standards. Others become anxious when they have to put up their works in galleries. It is just natural that stress would appear. They are allowing others to judge them freely.  

That is why it is extremely important for artists to have good ways to relax. As an artist myself, I have gathered a small list of things which usually help me to stay calm. I hope it will help you too. 

Getting your body to move 

It all depends on you. Would you like something simple as yoga or are you more interested in running 5 kilometers? It is all up to you. However, physical activities are very important. It does not mean that you have to become a professional athlete, but occasionally going outside for a run can be very beneficial. 

I am not even talking about getting in shape or losing weight, as such activities can help you clear your mind. You can come back brand new after that and continue painting. Also, you might even see something that will inspire you. 

Trying out modern technologies 

21st century is known for various possibilities that modern technologies can offer us. Chances are that even now your phone is somewhere nearby. Try to find any online game and give it a try. Therefore, it can be a very good way to relax after a long day of painting.  

I usually stick to online casino games. That can remove all of my anxiety and stress. Moreover, you can read more here and find your new favorite game. Playing even for 5 minutes can be very beneficial, as you will relax and clear your mind. 

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Watching movies 

This one is a classic. I would also suggest getting some popcorn if you can. Consider it a lazy, but a good way to end your day. I usually watch a good old romantic movie almost all the time after painting. It lets me to relax and then look at my painting with a pair of fresh eyes. 

Anxiety can have a negative effect towards your art, so trust me when I say that relaxing is probably the best thing as artist can do. You can whichever activity you prefer, but try not to stress yourself too much. On the other hand, there are a lot of good new movies. There are so many to choose from! 

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